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 ASTRID….means Divine Strength

ASTRID ONE is managed by one innovative and committed team that comprises of knowledge based professionals & workers that deliver building construction project from design to completion of construction with our client’s interest at heart. With 18 years of experiences in Anti Termite Control, building and construction business,our team of professional are always ready to serve.


With the knowledge of our professional team and our specialist Australian Entomologist, we have invented the world first design and install Anti-Termite Metallic Physical Barrier System (A.T.M.B.S) to Keep Termite Out of The Buildings.  This value engineering A.T.M.B.S offers a sustainable, non-chemical, healthy and affordable system in Building and Construction Industry.

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Our Design



 Termite Treatment And Control Company Singapore

A.T.M Barrier System…Our Eco-Friendly System

In recent years, the world has become aware of the importance of protecting the Earth and moving towards eco-friendly and sustainable building construction. A.T.M Barrier System uses only green products to stop the entry of subterranean termites…and water.

The main factors taken into design considerations are as follows:-

  • Environment
  • Types of soil
  • Ground water table
  • Expansion Joints at reinforced concrete slab/wall in contact with ground
  • Services Penetrations at reinforces concrete slab/wall in contact with ground
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