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 Termite Treatment And Control Company Singapore

A.T.M Barrier System…Our Eco-Friendly System

In recent years, the world has become aware of the importance of protecting the Earth and moving towards eco-friendly and sustainable building construction. A.T.M Barrier System uses only green products to stop the entry of subterranean termites…and water.

The main factors taken into design considerations are as follows:-

  • Environment
  • Types of soil
  • Ground water table
  • Expansion Joints at reinforced concrete slab/wall in contact with ground
  • Services Penetrations at reinforces concrete slab/wall in contact with ground

Our Design Concept


The Anti-Termite Metallic Barrier System is designed as a permanent physical and continuous barrier to ensure any termite colony attacking the building cannot proceed through gaps in the concrete or masonry, but must expose their access via tunnels in order to get over or past the A.T.M Barrier.

The A.T.M Subterranean Termite Barrier System uses only green products which ensure that they will not bring any further damage to the earth. A.T.M System is developed to block the ingress of termites with optional value added engineering concept of waterproofing the concrete structures at joints where termites may enter.

Our team of consultant Entomologist, professional engineers, and waterproofing specialist custom-make designs and build systems to suit all new concrete buildings and ensure the best value for the owners and end-users.

In every new building, we will carefully study the design and construction sequences with the builders to custom-make a system that will work perfectly well to block the ingress of subterranean termites and water.

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Our Guarantee


A.T.M System comes with a 10 years guarantee against the entry of subterranean termites subjected to a yearly inspection by the installer.

 Anti-Termite Physical Barrier System


Some FACTS About Subterranean Termites…


  • They have existed for over 55 million years
  • Termites are social insects that live in family groups called colonies
  • The life span of the worker and soldier termite is only one to two years
  • The queen termite will lay eggs within a few days or weeks after the initial mating
  • A large queen termite may lay more than 1000 eggs per day
  • The queen termite can grow to about 30mm in length
  • The life span of the queen termite can be as long as 50 years
  • It takes about 4 to 5 years to establish a colony which is a significant threat
  • They live in moist soil from which they draw their constant need for moisture
  • They prefer controlled climate of about 80% humidity and 25 degree Celsius
  • The travel between ground structure via mud tubes called exploratory tubes
  • Whenever they leave the soil they build mud tunnels and they block up gaps, splits and crevices with the same mud to protect themselves from ants and humidity loss.


ASTRID ONE PTE LTD would like to give credit and special thanks to the following parties:-

1. Ion Staunton, Termite Specialist and Consultant Entomologist.

2. Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, and Virginia State University.

3. Dini M. Miller, Associate Professor and Extention Specialist, Entomology, Virginia Tech.

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